America’s Darling: The Story of Jay N. “Ding” Darling

Cartoonist, Politician, Conservationist

An Inspiring Letter from “Ding” Darling’s Grandson, Kip Koss

Updates, Surprises and Treasures!

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This project is being underwritten in part by:

“Early this year, Sam Koltinsky made a presentation to the Board of the ‘Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society in which he described a project he intended to produce. Sam suggested that ‘Ding’ Darling’s personal philosophy has relevance today, even 50 years after his passing, and that a documentary about his achievements would have widespread interest. Sam’s knowledge of his subject and passion for the project convinced the Board that we, the Society, should endorse his effort and assist by helping to underwrite America’s Darling.”

Jim Scott, Immediate Past President
“Ding” Darling Wildlife Society

“SCCF is proud to be part of a project to inspire Americans through portrayal of the life of Jay Darling, particularly in his leadership as a conservationist.”

Erick Lindblad, Executive Director
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation

“We’re just delighted to be a part of the project and help honor and share the great legacy of J. N. ‘Ding’ Darling, who has meant so much to Iowa and the rest of the nation.”

Mark Ackelson, President
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

“Tween Waters Inn is excited about the upcoming “Darling Project”. What a great opportunity to showcase the wonderful accomplishments made by this man to both the environment and the local area. His talents and foresight have made an indelible impression on our Inn at ‘Tween Waters and our local islands.”

Tony Lapi, President & CEO
‘Tween Waters Inn

“Approved by the City of Sanibel, Florida”

City of Sanibel, Florida

“The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines is honored to be a part of preserving the history and legacy of ‘Ding’ Darling who spent his childhood living in Iowa.  He was an early leader in the areas of wildlife restoration, conservation and environmental issues.  We are proud to support this documentary that will inspire future generations to continue ‘Ding’ Darling’s passion for the conservation of our nation’s natural resources.”

Allison Fleming, Board Chair
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

“The Humanities Iowa Board is very excited to support America’s Darling, the story of J. N. ‘Ding’ Darling. Darling was not only a great Iowan, but a great American. We share the enthusiasm that is moving across the country as production continues and look forward to the fall release and premieres of the documentary.”

 Chris Rossi, Executive Director
Humanities Iowa

“Approved by the City of Des Moines, Iowa”

City of Des Moines, Iowa