America’s Darling: The Story of Jay N. “Ding” Darling

Read the true story of how a nationally-known cartoonist changed America by influencing her Presidents, shaping her landscapes and winning the hearts of her people.

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of J. N. “Ding” Darling. We are honored to be working with Darling’s grandson, Kip Koss, on this documentary, which has been in development for several years and will commemorate Darling’s legacy.

Darling’s ability to “sell” his ideas made him a driving force, and he is known as one of the four greatest heroes in conservation: Teddy Roosevelt, Ding Darling, Aldo Leopold, and Rachel Carson.

Emphasizing the need to use resources wisely, Darling used his language very much like his cartoons to convey his vision. We have access to his letters and speeches that reflect his abilities as a master communicator.

Invited by Stalin himself, Darling visited the Soviet Union, dining with the Russian leader at his country place. With his characteristic wit, Darling observed it was Stalin’s housekeeper who really ‘was in command’ during the visit.

America’s Darling may be just what America needs now: an opportunity to reflect on Darling’s past in order that we may move forward. After all, Darling was a man very much ahead of his time.


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