Darling is Back!: The Restoration of Lake Darling

A New Documentary from Marvo and Iowa Public Television


Darling is Back! - Invitation

While in Iowa celebrating the initial premiere of Darling is Back!: The Restoration of Lake Darling, Executive Producer Sam Koltinsky was a radio guest on “In Touch with Southeast Iowa,” KCII News, Washington, Iowa. The three-part conversation discusses how the film was made and how it fits into the legacy of “Ding” Darling. Click on the links to hear the complete interview.

Koltinsky Conversation, Part 1
Koltinsky Conversation, Part 2
Koltinsky Conversation, Part 3

“As Marvo releases our Iowa Public Television co-production, Darling is Back!: The Restoration of Lake Darling, we look forward to the film becoming another award winning production. This Iowan story is one for the nation and demonstrates what communities can do when partnering and working together in the good ‘ole Darling way. The 30-minute documentary also features footage from 1950 when “Ding” was attending the Lake Darling Park opening. What a treasure!

If you would be interested in hosting a screening of Darling is Back!: The Restoration of Lake Darling, please contact me for further information.  It would be my pleasure to work with you.”

Samuel Koltinsky
Owner and Executive Producer
Marvo Entertainment Group LLC