America’s Gatekeeper: The Story of Paul Kroegel

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“Preserving our environment and its inhabitants is such a worthy endeavor.  To learn how one person can make such a difference in this world is inspiring to all, but especially to the young.  This is a story that needs to be told.  We are pleased to partner with Marvo Entertainment Group in the production of America’s Gatekeeper: The Story of Paul Kroegel. “

Barbara Hoffman, Chairman of the Board
Cultural Council of Indian River County

“Not only was Pelican Island the nation’s first National Wildlife Refuge, Paul Kroegel was the Nation’s first Refuge Manager.  At a time when he and his contemporary managers and wardens were continuously threatened, some even giving their lives, Paul’s dedication and passion for our natural resources persevered.  What started with Paul and a small five-acre protected island, has grown to a nationwide network of more than 560 refuges totaling over 150 million acres.  Being only the third refuge manager in Pelican Island’s history, I am continually humbled to be in his company, but share in his dedication and passion.  Knowing Paul and understanding the refuge management tradition that began with him is not only important for us to connect with today, but also for the generations to come.”

Charles Pelizza, Project Leader
Everglades Headwaters NWR Complex

“We are thrilled that Marvo Entertainment Group has set their sights on telling the story of Paul Kroegel and Pelican Island, Florida. The themes of preservation and conservation are important ones and, as a Viva Florida 500 partner, Marvo Entertainment Group is creating a legacy by commemorating our history and inspiring future conservation in Florida.”

Katie Kole, Director of Marketing
Office of the Deputy Secretary for Cultural,
Historical and Information Programs
Florida Department of State

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