My Kentucky Home

For the past eight years I have been reunited with a landscape that is reminiscent of my time in Europe. I have discovered a treasure trove of artifacts, moving images, photos, and historic structures within a number of communities within the Commonwealth. Perhaps even more compelling are the stories – the wonderful stories that Kentucky holds; and for the most part, they are untold. For these reasons I created the series, My Kentucky Home. These are award winning documentaries that capture the history as well as the contemporary issues facing our communities today. Working with historians, community leaders, educators, and just everyday people, we at Marvo create these features not only for preserving these communities at this point in time but also for local school curriculum, economic development councils, tourist boards, and just plain good – feel good – entertainment. Interested? There are a variety of ways to fund such projects.

– Samuel Koltinsky, Executive Producer

Community Documentaries

The almost complete loss of personalization and regionalism in all aspects of our society has made the community documentary a critical aspect of our American culture. It is one of the last bastions of defense against the complete homogenization of our society and modern culture. A community documentary shows us how local issues, people, and culture can reflect the society as a whole: and it critically emphasizes the importance of the individual, showing us how one person, one small group, one community can make a difference.

– Tom Neff, Founder of the Documentary Channel

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