Main Street, More Than Just a Place!

From the producer of the My Kentucky Home series, travel with us around the Commonwealth to experience the heart and breath of our communities…. Main Street. Two years in production, this thirty-minute documentary takes a look at our communities in a different way. You’ll meet a few of our communities’ best! They have a passion that is only surpassed by the projects in which they are engaged, from preservation and revitalization to “Let’s Paint the Town!” These visionaries are working to preserve our downtowns’ heritages, working to give back life to those boarded up historical buildings, and even shedding the tears when one of those precious buildings are occupied (and rightfully so!).

You’ll hear from Jeff Crowe, CEO of Tour Southern and Eastern Kentucky, and be surprised what a trip abroad enlightened him about Kentucky. You’ll meet Kathie Hickie, a former Main Street manager, who discusses an organizational structure found within the Main Street program that any business could readily adopt and successfully implement. Mayor Gale Cherry from Princeton discusses the solution to apathy and tired run-down buildings and illuminates how her city has become a model for other communities across the county. Along with others, we’ll see how Main Streets are at the very threshold of economic development and how the National Trust for Preservation can be an ally for sustaining this economic development.

Yes, Kentuckians can be proud of what they are achieving on their Main Streets, and yes, this program is a celebration for all of those whose passions lie within preservation and revitalization of our downtowns. After all, isn’t this in part of what we are all about?


November 19, 2010- Barbourville, KY, 6:00 p.m., Barbourville/Knox County Visitors Center. (Read article from Times-Tribune, Corbin, KY, page 1 and page 2.)

December 6, 2010- Somerset, KY, 10th Annual Tourism Forum

December 11, 2010- Covington, KY, 6:00 p.m., Artisans Enterprise Center, 27 W. 7th Street

May 2011- Princeton, KY

What are People Saying About
“Main Street, More Than Just A Place!”

I am going to show it to my board and also the other managers in my region at one of our quarterly meetings. Thank you for helping spread the word about what benefits Main Street programs have brought to their communities.

Sam Burgess, Carrollton Main Street Program
Carrollton, KY

I caught a great program on KET, “Main Street, More Than Just a Place.” Inspiring for any Main Street program director and board, in fact, a Community. It is about Kentucky through and through. So well done. I ordered it for $15 and will make very good use of it in Wilmore. Several copies should go to the National Main Street Program.

Maggie Morgan, Main Street Manager
Wilmore, KY

Overall, I think it’s a good program that tells the story of the renovation of Main streets and is a good primer for other communities to revitalize their own streets. You covered a number of communities and all the on-camera folks were well spoken and told their individual stories well. In the end, it makes you want to take action in your own community, which is what an effective TV program should do………All in all, I think it’s a good informative program that promotes the revitalization of Main Street and hopefully will start the ball rolling in other communities.

Craig Cornwell, KET Director of Programming
Lexington, KY

I have received the DVD, and it’s really excellent. I think it turned out great, and it really brings to light the value of the program for so many different communities.

Katie Meyer, Main Street Manager
Covington, KY

We hosted our 10th Annual Tourism Forum yesterday here at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset. It was a FANTASTIC SUCCESS! We showed “Main Street, More Than Just a Place!”. RAVE REVIEWS from the audience!

Jeffrey W. Crowe, President and CEO
Tour Southern and Eastern Kentucky