Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm Multimedia Project

Water: A National Issue

Clean water is now a national issue. It requires us to examine our daily practices in both home and at work and evaluate our impact on this precious resource for generations to come. In following the Guiding Principles for Mahr Park, we have an educational opportunity utilizing the beautiful landscape and water resources to help define problems, examine research, and help propose solutions in the “wise use of our natural resources.” With the expansion of Murray State University in Madisonville, Marvo has reached out to Professor Caudell at Murray State. There could be opportunities for interns, professional development, and research through this outreach. Water will be an integral part of all components of The Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm Multimedia Project.

Additionally with the Marvo release of Darling is Back!, a national model for water conservation, the 30-minute documentary will provide an opportunity for screenings, festivals, and exhibits at Mahr Park. The documentary will connect with many of the points that were shared recently at the Hopkins County Leadership Day at Mahr Park.

Mahr Park Reflection - Sam Koltinsky