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Our Outdoor Heroes Curriculum Program List


John Muir   (1838-1914)                                 

John Muir, known as “The Father of our National Parks,” founded the Sierra Club, petitioned Congress for the National Park Bill, and influenced through his writings the creation of Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. He was an engineer, naturalist, author, botanist, and geologist.

Paul Kroegel   (1864-1948)                                

Paul Kroegel, conservationist and naturalist, established Pelican Island bird sanctuary in Florida, was the first federal bird reservation warden for the Florida Audubon Society, and was hired as the first National Wildlife Refuge Manager.

Aldo Leopold   (1887-1948)     

Aldo Leopold, ecologist, forester, author, and professor, developed modern environmental ethics, was involved in wilderness conservation, founded the science of Wildlife Management, helped found the Wilderness Society, and wrote the first game and fish handbook.

Jay N. Ding Darling   (1876-1962)                

Jay N. “Ding” Darling, conservationist and editorial cartoonist who won two Pulitzer Prizes, helped found the National Wildlife Federation and promoted wetlands. He initiated the Federal Duck Stamp and headed the U.S. Biological Survey (forerunner of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).

Robert Marshall   (1901-1939)                        

Robert Marshall was chief of Forestry for the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs and helped found the Wilderness Society. He was a scientist, sociologist, adventurer, forester, and conservationist.

Rachel Carson   (1907-1964)                              

Rachel Carson, marine biologist and environmentalist, wrote articles on conservation that advanced the global environmental movement, wrote about environmental issues, and testified in court cases about environmental issues.

Wendell Berry   (1934- )                          

Wendell Berry co-authored “A 50 year Farm Bill” for sustainable agriculture, protested use of coal-burning power plants and mountaintop coal mining, and promoted organic gardening and farming. He is a novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, farmer, and professor.