Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm Multimedia Project

Our Outdoor Heroes Curriculum Program

As we continue to enhance our Mahr Park multimedia project, we are proposing to develop in concert with the documentary an educational component for students in grades 4, 5, and 6 that will provide locally student-driven, student-tested curriculum resource units (created in part by Debbie Hoodenpyle and Charlene Nevitt) that are applicable nationwide. On the following pages you will find a working list of stewardship heroes throughout the history of conservation both nationally and worldwide.  Many of these names have been found in the Mahr Library as Producer Sam Koltinsky and Producer Patricia Fralick have been researching and capturing the Mahr legacy. The names were also submitted to National Historian, Dr. Mark Madison, from U.S. Fish and Wildlife at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, for a historical timeline basis and have met with Dr. Madison’s approval. Dr. Madison has agreed to be a historical advisor on our Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm Multimedia Project. It is our hope to tap into the historical archives at NCTC to enhance development of the curriculum and at the same time inspire future leaders and stewardship heroes.

Homecoming–Affection of Place–Nature as Measure. These are Wendell Berry’s words that provide a solid foundation for the creation of Mahr Park. The genesis of this foundation is inherent within the Mahr library. Based upon the meeting that took place on May 14, 2015, at St. Catharine College with Dr. Leah Bayens, an educational partnership has been solidified. Through this partnership, Wendell Berry’s philosophy will have a direct impact on the documentary, curriculum, and associated outreach programs. Copyright for the material will remain with Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm.

The Mahr Library

The Mahr Library

Additional educational outreach and content will include on-site workshops, summer camps, artist in residence programs, lecture series including gardening, wellness, and water conservation, and the proposed Nature App. In following the Mahr Park Guiding Principles and maintaining stewardship continuity while developing the curriculum component, specific quotes would be developed for designated areas throughout the park. As part of this research, a conservation timeline along with educational panels would be developed in order to create a unique national brand inherent to Mahr Park.