Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm Multimedia Project


The remarkable story of Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm is being captured through the words of not only those who knew Dr. Merle and Glema Mahr but also those who are trail blazing the path of development. Our national outreach will include interviews that will allow the audience to follow our nation’s historic timeline of stewardship, while asking our “265 acres questions.” The changing land with its seasons will provide stunning photos and film footage. Love for the land, wildlife, and people will be illustrated through the Mahr’s personal collections of letters, memoirs, books, and other materials.

After the Park’s opening in 2016, Marvo will create an exhibit to coincide with the Fall 2016 release of the documentary. Distribution for the national documentary will be through Kentucky Education Television. Film festivals, private and public screenings, and curriculum development will be included as part of the production’s outreach.

Share with us as we honor this quest to bring the Mahr dream to life—a model and template for the nation in extraordinary land stewardship! Underwriting credits will be acknowledged in print, radio, television and web distribution.