Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm Multimedia Project


Looking at this contemporary multimedia project through the history of conservation coupled with the forethought and stewardship practices of the Mahrs, Marvo Entertainment Group LLC will explore how Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm is extending an ongoing invitation to the next century of families and youth to come and connect with the land through the eyes (and souls) of artists, visionaries, and leaders.

How can we proceed on this journey? Why not look at the Mahr library in terms of its collection of books, magazines, artwork, travel journals and slides and tell the story of the Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm through these very primary resources? Why not look at the history of honoring the land as the Mahrs did through their eyes and tell the story of the development of the Park as we gather the experts from the around the country addressing the history of land use, art, and heroes of stewardship?

“When I first began to research the Mahr’s library, I noticed immediately their connection to a number of national organizations supporting land stewardship. One can literally go through that library and find the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, National Wildlife Refuges, the writings of Rachel Carson, the stewardship ideas of Jay N. “Ding” Darling, John Muir, and Wendell Berry,” states Koltinsky. “ Well, it goes on and on–more than a casual appreciation for conservation. Here is a true basis for a historical timeline of land, leaders, and legacies,” he continues.

Are there creative ways to honor the land? As spaces such as this Park become few and far between, there is without a doubt a huge task at hand to connect people to the love of the outdoors; and part of our story will be this connection through art. Inside the Mahr home is an extensive collection of the wildlife paintings of American artist, Ray Harm. Also examined will be the wildlife paintings and watercolors of 19th century artist, John James Audubon. In conjunction with the opening of Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm, world renown sand sculptor and artist, Damon Farmer, will create a sand sculpture on the Mahr Park grounds.

What type of leadership does it take to appreciate and value 265 acres of land? Who is stepping up to the plate and looking outside of the box for direction, standards, and results? The challenges lie in education and connecting to a vision that is both innovative and entrepreneurial. The documentary will explore and follow the call to action that is being put forth to Madisonville’s local leaders, the Mahr Park committee, and the community to create this Park and to do it in a manner that follows specific guidelines in honoring the land and legacy.

What do you do with 265 acres of land to create a legacy that connects with young people? Marvo’s multimedia project will sculpt an answer to that question in the creation of this one-hour contemporary documentary. Other components shaping the project include securing the nationally acclaimed exhibit, The Hidden Works of Jay N. “Ding” Darling, for the opening of the Park; experiencing the crafting of an on-site sand sculpture; and developing educational resources and outreach to connect people, both young and old, with the land. The student-driven, student-tested educational component for youth will be created locally but applicable nationwide.