Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm

The Legacy Begins!


Updates, Surprises and Treasures!

 …I long
instead for the heaven of creatures, of seasons,
of day and night. Heaven enough for me
would be this world as I know it, but redeemed
of our abuse of it and one another. It would be
the Heaven of knowing again.

Wendell Berry, Kentucky Author
Quote from poem in his book, Leavings
Counterpoint Press, 2010

“Mahr Park is a great asset for the City of Madisonville and our community.  This multimedia project with Marvo Entertainment Group LLC will not only highlight the key features of Mahr Park for our local community but also give us the opportunity to share the story and legacy of the land nationally. This will be a park for generations to enjoy and leave their footprint, and this multimedia project will be a big part of that footprint.”

David Jackson, Mayor
Madisonville, Kentucky

“The commitment is already here. This is a project born out of good intentions. The timing is perfect for the Growing Warriors Project (Kentucky Monthly, November 2013) and Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm.  We literally are ready to come in and break ground, and this will in turn bring people back to the land.”

Mike Lewis, Executive Director
Growing Warriors

Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm—a dream of Merle and Glema Mahr is coming true as their legacy lives on through the land they loved and stewarded.  Upon her death in 2009, Ms. Mahr bequeathed her 265-acre farm to the City of Madisonville, Kentucky, to be used as a park and recreation facility.  Marvo Entertainment Group LLC is honored to begin “bringing this extraordinary story to life.”  Share with us this glimpse of what is to come as the trustees of the Mahr estate and the City of Madisonville follow their stewardship principles in making Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm more than a Park!

·      Honor the land and the Mahr legacy.

·      Incorporate sustainable practices.

·      Create opportunities to improve flora and fauna.

·      Provide responsible recreation opportunities.

·      Provide opportunities for education for all age groups.

·      Promote partnerships and foster stewardship.

·      Incorporate the arts throughout the design, development, and programming of the park.

·      Respect, celebrate and conserve water as well as enjoy it.

·      Provide places for gathering and community development.



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