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How surprised I was to find the DVD’s in the mailbox today.  I put one in to watch—and I must tell you how impressed I was.  Not only to learn the history of Grayson Co–but to know that my grandparents and my dad walked those roads.  It took me back to a simpler time of sitting on my grandparent’s front porch and drinking sweet tea while I counted the train cars that went by.  They lived right across the tracks from where the old pickle factory was in Caneyville.  I remember my grandpa taking me to Mr. Young’s General Store and my brothers working at the pickle factory in the summer.  I also remember going to Short Creek to church with my grandma.  Such pleasant memories you brought back to me. You have allowed the people of Kentucky to look back and remember–and it was done with such excellence.

Sue Tripure-Korb
Sellersburg, Indiana

I am watching your video on Main Street and it is WONDERFUL! I would like to show this to my board.

Julie Wagner, Heart of Danville Main Street Program
Danville, KY

I wanted to get back to you to tell you that your production was awesome–very well done. We were able to learn new things about the area we have come to love.

Kathy Brown, Running Springs, CA
Commenting on “My Kentucky Home: Lyon County”

Your best one yet. Wonderful mix of memories, music (your best score) and montages. Really liked some of the little things too, like the story of Jennie Green (excellent and very effective re-enactment), the guy whose father played the spoons, and the stories of kids growing up there.

Craig Cornwell, KET Director of Programming
Commenting on “My Kentucky Home: Grayson County”

The documentary will be used in so many ways. The kids in school will use this movie as a reference to the history of Grayson County. Tourism will use this movie to promote our county and bring people here. Industrial Development will use this film to show how far our county has come to being a business friendly town. Leitchfield and Grayson County have such a rich history that soon will be admired by those across the Commonwealth of Kentucky on PBS and KET.

Steven Elder, City Councilman, Leitchfield, KY

It’s [MKH: Grayson County] one of the best things we’ve got going right now … I am pleased with the city’s investment. It was a lot of money; but with it being played on KET, it will be a great tourism tool for the city.

William Thomason, Mayor Leitchfield, KY

I am humbled by your ability to concisely capture my forty-three years of love and emotion for my dad. I have been searching for a way to express my feelings, my sense of loss, and my gratitude for him. As I watched through my tears, I was able to understand that you were demonstrating to me by way of showing me, I have been successfully doing all of those. Whether you realize it or not, my friend, you have given my family and me a very precious gift. A powerful gift that we will forever treasure, even a mere discussion of the program brings up swells of emotions.

Kevin Mudd, Leitchfield, KY
Commenting on “My Kentucky Home: Grayson County”

As I watched My Kentucky Home: Lyon County, it brought back all of the History I learned in school and seeing Princeton again was a real treat. The Videos were almost like being there.

Sandy Wheeler
Pawlowski, Illinois

Thanks so much for helping us to be a less hidden treasure!

Linda Schumann, Crittenden County Resident
Marion, KY

Your documentary on Lyon County was very meaningful for me. Justice Bill Cunningham was a teenager growing up in Old Eddyville while I was a boy growing up in Old Kuttawa, but his words reflected the melancholy and pain I have felt for years after watching my hometown abandoned, burned, and buried beneath tons of water. He said that all of us who went through this experience have been “scarred” in some way. “Scarred” describes feelings I have had all my life when remembering Old Kuttawa but didn’t know how to express it. It was strangely therapeutic to have someone else describe my feelings and let me know I am not alone … Forty-five years have passed, so thanks for helping this little boy to heal!

Rev. Philip Daniel Smith
Scottsville, KY

While recently watching the KET documentary, “My Kentucky Home: Crittenden County,” I was lost in nostalgia as I once again “revisited” the places and people of my youth. Then my wife brought me back to reality when she walked through the room, paused just long enough to identify the program, and asked, “Are you watching that again?” I was. The nice mix of videography, interviews, and wonderful old photographs continue to draw me back to “Crittenden County.”

Hugh Ridenour, Historian/Educator
Hanson, KY

Your commitment to the rich history of our Commonwealth ensures that those who follow will have records that are relevant and accurate. The positive impact of your stewardship will be apparent not just in your community, but across Kentucky. – (Read the letter to Marvo)

Marcheta Sparrow, Secretary
Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, Frankfort, KY

We cannot take them back to the streets and historic landmarks in the old towns of Eddyville and Kuttawa. They have been destroyed…. These time capsules … could all be lost to us and future generations. That is why we must now seize the opportunity being provided by the Lyon County Historical Society and local visual artist, Sam Koltinsky, in their efforts to film people and pictures portraying the unique history of Lyon County.
I have been involved with [Koltinsky’s] work up close. He delivers.
(Read the “Letter to the Editor”)

Justice Bill Cunningham, Supreme Court of Kentucky